1 cup butter
1 ½ cups sugar
2 large eggs
2 ¾ cups flour
2 tsp. cream of tartar
1 tsp. baking soda
¼ tsp. salt
3 Tbsp. sugar
1 Tbsp. cinnamon

Preheat oven to 350°.

Mix butter, 1½ cups sugar and eggs thoroughly in a large bowl.

Combine flour, cream of tartar, baking soda, and salt in a separate bowl.

Blend dry ingredients into butter mixture.

Chill dough, and chill an ungreased cookie sheet for about 10-15 minutes in the fridge.***

Meanwhile, mix 3 Tbsp. sugar and 1 Tbsp. cinnamon in a small bowl.

Scoop 1-inch balls of dough into the sugar/cinnamon mixture. Coat by gently rolling balls in the mixture.

Place on chilled ungreased cookie sheet, and bake for 10 minutes.Remove from pan after 1 minute.

***I chilled 2 cookie sheets. One would always be in the fridge chilling while the other was baking. Make sure dough stays chilled as well.


1 box white cake mix
2 eggs
1/2 cup oil
2 Tbsp. brown sugar
1/2 bag white chocolate chips
colored cake decorating sprinkles (optional)

Using a Kitchen Aid*, mix first four ingredients  together.

Fold in white chocolate chips and add colored sprinkles if desired.

Drop by tablespoon on cookie sheet.

Bake at 350E for about 10-12 minutes if using air-bake cookie sheets, or about 7-8 minutes if using a regular cookie sheet.

*(A hand mixer will not be strong enough for this thick dough recipe).


1 envelope onion soup mix
1 Tbsp. chili powder
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
4-8 large baking potatoes
2 Tbsp. canola oil
In a large resealable plastic bag, combine the soup mix, chili powder, salt, garlic powder, and pepper. Cut each potato into wedges; place in the bag and shake to coat.

Arrange in a single layer in a greased 15 x 10 x 1-inch pan. Drizzle with oil.

Bake uncovered at 425º for 12-20 minutes on each side or until crisp.


2 cans sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup sour cream
3/4 cup key lime juice
1 Tbsp. grated lime zest
Whipped Topping, optional
Graham cracker crust

Preheat oven to 350º.

Combine condensed milk, sour cream, lime juice, and lime rind.  Mix well and pour into graham cracker crust. 

Bake 5-10 minutes or until pinhole bubbles burst on surface. Don’t brown. 

Chill pie before serving. 

Serve with whipped topping if desired.


1 box (19.5 oz.) fudge brownie mix
1/4 cup butter, melted
4 oz. cream cheese, softened
1 egg
1 cup powdered sugar
1 cup creamy peanut butter
1/2 container chocolate fudge frosting

Heat oven to 350º.  In medium bowl, beat brownie mix, melted butter, cream cheese and egg 50 strokes with spoon until well blended (dough will be sticky).

Drop dough by rounded tablespoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheets, 2 inches apart to make 24 cookies.  Smooth edge of each to form round cookie.

In small bowl, mix powdered sugar and peanut butter with spoon until mixture forms a ball.  With hands, roll rounded teaspoonfuls into 24 balls.  Lightly press 1 ball into center of each ball of dough.

Bake 10 to 14 minutes or until edges are set.  Cool cookies on cookie sheets at least 30 minutes.  Remove cooled cookies from cookie sheets.  Spread thin layer of frosting over peanut butter portion of each cookie.